Like the Sibyls, the prophetic priestesses of ancient Greece who foretold the future through visions, the stars speak to Rev. Sibyl through the symbolic language of Astrology. Astrology is the study of the movement of planets and fixed stars through the heavens. It is an eternal language of light.

Sibyl has a thriving astrological counseling business. Through her channeling of the Star Nations, combined with many years of astrological study, she is able to assist her clients in navigating these turbulent times. Sibyl believes astrology holds the key to self-understanding and a map that guides us to self-realization and happiness.

Rev. Sibyl’s bi-monthly video forecast is followed by tens of thousands of viewers. She maintains an active “Star Nation Oracle Blog” and creates videos of current astrological events. You can subscribe to her videos on her YouTube Channel, Sibyl Star. She also participates bi-monthly in a radio blog called “Political Star Talk” on 3rd Eye Radio at

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